Users Can Feel These Benefits Of VPN

When a computer user uses a VPN to access the internet, the VPN works to encrypt data, so that only VPN users and servers are able to know the user’s data traffic and what websites they access. Therefore, it can be safer for both PC and Android users. That’s why if you use an Android smartphone, we recommend you to know what is best vpn for android.

Actually, there are several benefits that users can feel when they use a VPN, such as:

1. ISPs Don’t Know What Users are Looking For on The Internet

The ISP cannot see and know this data, because the data has been encrypted by a VPN. The ISP also does not know what websites you visit, because all internet browsing activities are done through a VPN server. From the ISP’s point of view, it will only be seen that the user is only connected to the VPN server.

2. The Visible IP Address is The VPN Server IP

A VPN server may be located in a different country than the computer user country. So if you access a website using a VPN, then you will be identified as coming from the country where the VPN server is located. Anyone who tries to search for traces of your internet browsing and activities is only able to find traces of VPN servers so that your IP address remains safe.

3. A Sense of Security For Public WiFi hotspots

Do you frequently use the internet in cafes, restaurants or hotels? In fact, by using public WiFi, your IP address will be easily detected and misused. However, if the public WiFi is already using a VPN, then you can breathe easier because the internet network between your personal gadget and the VPN server is encrypted. Even if a hacker tries to retrieve the user’s data, for example by trapping the user by making a hotspot clone, your data remains safe because it has passed the encryption process.

4. VPN Providers May Know What You Explore

Basically, the ISP that you use has absolutely no commitment or care to maintain the confidentiality of your data, unlike VPN providers who are usually committed to protecting your privacy. In general, VPN is also quite flexible because it supports a variety of network protocols, ranging from PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and SOCKS.

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